Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Activity Book

As promised this entry is going to give information on how to create an activity book at home on a budget. All you need is a printer and time to create it.

Items used
1. I searched Google for coloring and activity pages and found tons of them.
2. I also searched Google for some Thomas Clip Art
3. I used Microsoft word to create the front page layout
4. I also downloaded a FLARED GOTHIC font from which resembles the Thomas font used. I have the link below

I basically printed out the activity pages and stapled the pages together.
I printed out the front page.
I cut the front page halfway into 2 and added a piece of blue polka dot paper to tie it into my theme and also  to lift the look of the book.
I stuck the front cover page to make an activity book.

We used the activity books while we were waiting for guests to arrive and the kids loved it a lot.

Next Entry how to make cup cake toppers to match the theme.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birthday Banner

In December we celebrated our son's 3rd Birthday. This year it was a Thomas and Friends Birthday. I handmade the banners, cupcake toppers, popcorn box labels, Lollipop stand, an activity book and decorated the cupcake stand as well. The theme was Thomas and Friends and the colors were Blue and Red.

Below I have some instructions on how I did the Banner

Items Used

  •  I printed the Polka dot paper from This is a free website that has tons of paper you can download and print at home. 
  •  I bought the Blue and Red Die case letters from DollarTree. It’s a dollar for Blue and a dollar for the red letter. If you have tools for cutting letters like a Cricut then you are all set. 
  •  I also used a Bazzil Red Cardstock. 
  •  I used foam stickers to stick the letters to give some dimension to it (bought in bulk from Oriental Trading) 

I used Fiskars paper cutter to cut the triangles, you can get at least 2 triangles from a piece of 81/2x11 sheet of paper. I stuck the letters and used a paper punch to make holes for putting the ribbon.

Next entry instructions on how I created the Activity book on a budget.