Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Activity Book

As promised this entry is going to give information on how to create an activity book at home on a budget. All you need is a printer and time to create it.

Items used
1. I searched Google for coloring and activity pages and found tons of them.
2. I also searched Google for some Thomas Clip Art
3. I used Microsoft word to create the front page layout
4. I also downloaded a FLARED GOTHIC font from which resembles the Thomas font used. I have the link below

I basically printed out the activity pages and stapled the pages together.
I printed out the front page.
I cut the front page halfway into 2 and added a piece of blue polka dot paper to tie it into my theme and also  to lift the look of the book.
I stuck the front cover page to make an activity book.

We used the activity books while we were waiting for guests to arrive and the kids loved it a lot.

Next Entry how to make cup cake toppers to match the theme.